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For over 20 years, Montecito Chimney Service has been providing reliable service to customers in the local area. They offer a range of services including chimney inspection and cleaning, as well as repairs and installation of chimneys. They also provide maintenance for wood stoves, fireplaces, ventilation systems, and more. Customers will benefit from their fast response time, competitive rates and commitment to safety standards. Montecito Chimney Service is the perfect choice for those looking for an experienced team that can take care of all their chimney needs quickly and effectively.

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“Bring New Life to Your Fireplace with Gas Installation”

As the winter months approach, the need for a reliable and efficient heating source increases. Installing a gas fireplace burner is an excellent way to provide warmth and comfort throughout your home. Montecito Chimney Service has been one of the premier chimney companies in Santa Barbara County for over 20 years and specializes in installing quality gas burners. With their experienced technicians and top of the line equipment, you can trust that your fireplace installation will be done right the first time.

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Many homeowners enjoy the comforting warmth of a gas burning fireplace during winter months. However, for it to be enjoyed safely and properly, it is important that the installation process of a gas burner is done correctly. Montecito Chimney Service specializes in providing reliable and efficient fireplace gas burner installations services to ensure your home remains safe and warm throughout the cold season. Our team of highly trained professionals have extensive experience in this field and guarantee quality workmanship.